My Interior Design Methodology

Decoration is one of the largest factors in what shapes my mood and outlook on the day. I personally depend on being surrounded by the aesthetics and organizational elements that are present in my room. Though the overall appearance and flow of my bedroom has a large importance to me, the smaller individual elements leave bigger impacts. After my grandmother passed away, I was given small little decorative pieces that she once placed all around her room. Simple and tiny decorations, such as a little bronze bear sculpture and small glass ornaments, reminds me of all of my memories that I’ve made with her, and also light up my room.


Once given her small pieces, I developed a love for filling in spaces with small antiques and trinkets from thrift stores as well. Though they may not be designer or have the most well-made designing schemes to them, they still hold a story and history. It’s all about how they are placed in a room, how they interact with other pieces, and how they make me personally feel to really help them embrace a second life of display. I typically put these small knicknacks in spots where I know they will be noticed. Glass decorations will be hung or sat by windows to catch the sun and reflect light into the room. Minuscule, yet weighted, pieces are used as paperweights or bookends so that they are felt and appreciated every time they are adjusted or moved. The idea and message behind decoration can fall into many categories or organizations for each individual person, but to me personally I use my decor as fragments of memories and history.


They tell stories, contribute to a comfort and homey feel in my room, and also typically have a whimsical or vintage appearance to them. To me, decoration matters because it keep memories and stories alive, even as time progresses forward.