My Interior Design Methodology

Decoration is one of the largest factors in what shapes my mood and outlook on the day. I personally depend on being surrounded by the aesthetics and organizational elements that are present in my room. Though the overall appearance and flow of my bedroom has a large importance to me, the smaller individual elements leave […]

Travels & Trip-ups: Turkey

Hagia Sophia, Photo credit: Margaret Pate Pattern in cobblestone path, Photo credit: Margaret Pate Dome Madness, Photo Credit: Margaret Pate Ever since I worked in the fashion industry, I’ve traveled alone. It is pretty much a prerequisite that if you are going to model you have to be well adjusted enough to coordinate your life […]


Doug got me these pretty carnations a few nights ago. I made raspberry macarons. Valentines day is coming. I got this card from┬áMy Zoetrope. Packing up orders from our shop and our sample sale and putting candy hearts and lollipops in every order. I had a sample made of wallpaper from a painting I did […]